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Much can be learned from the world of sports, whether you think about teamwork, dedication, or even defeat. Over the next few weeks, Movin’ On Up will bring you lessons from the sports world to help you up your professional game and gain real-life applications for the workplace.

The Famous Michael Jordan “Flu Game”
In Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan delivered an outstanding performance, scoring 38 points. The more phenomenal part of this story is that he accomplished this while exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Those in attendance claim Jordan struggled to even sit upright during breaks, was sweating profusely, and physically leaned on Scottie Pippen late in the game.

Though the Bulls ended up winning, it wasn’t an easy contest. The teams battled back and forth exchanging the lead several times. Jordan left every ounce of energy he had on the court and heavily aided the team in coming out victorious during an important NBA Finals game.

Workplace application
There are many lessons you can take from Jordan’s “flu game.” Perhaps the most striking is perseverance. Regardless of how sick he was, Jordan knew he was an integral part of his team and played a pivotal role in the Finals that year. He put aside whatever ailment he had and persevered through the pain and the exhaustion to be there for his team.

Whether in your job search or in the workplace, there will be days when you don’t feel up to the challenge, when things seem too daunting. When those days come around, it will be important to muster the energy to keep going and keep focusing on the bigger picture. Whether that’s a team project or another interview, you must finish strong, even if you don’t feel like it.

Lessons from the Sports World, a series brought to you by Movin’ On Up.